Rose-breasted Grosbeak is back today!

We are happy to report that the little fellow has returned today, so hopefully he will continue to be a regular for a little while. Bob and I both snapped a few pics – click any photo below to take you to the full album from today:

Rose-breasted Grosbeak in the yard again, 3/24/13

We also had quite a show from Harry and Harriet, our Hairy Woodpecker pair. Harry was drumming up a storm, and Harriet responded with sounds I’ve never heard from a Hairy Woodpecker before – many little chip and chirp sounds in rapid succession. ┬áThen they both came in for suet:

Harry the Hairy Woodpecker eating suetHarriet the Hairy Woodpecker going for the upside-down suet feeder

Mr. Led-belly was also ever present today:

The famous Mr- Led-belly (well, he's famous in our yard, at least)

And finally, even though it’s “just a Starling,” the plumage is so gorgeous:

OK, we know. Just a Starling, but look at those feathers! So pretty.

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