Celery Farm Redhead and other ducks

Bob and I visited The Celery Farm on Saturday, hoping to see Ralph the Redhead duck, who has been hanging around for more than a month. Success! What a beauty he is. He gave us some very nice looks, sometimes floating and resting with his head tucked in and other times actively swimming around (click any photo to bring you to the entire album – all photos by Bob Perry):

Ralph the Redhead, Celery Farm, November 21, 2015.  ALL PHOTOS BY BOB PERRY.IMG_8948.JPGIMG_8947.JPG

We also got magnificent looks at some Northern Shovelers:

Male Northern ShovelerIMG_8987.JPGFemale Northern Shoveler

Other ducks we saw included Hooded Mergansers, American Black Ducks, a single female Ruddy Duck, as well as American Wigeons and Mallards, pictured below:Two male American Wigeon with a Shoveler in the backBeautiful Mallards

We also watched a Downy Woodpecker going nuts, pecking away at a bunch of tree trunks:IMG_9083.JPGCheck out the wood chip flying away as the Downy pecks at the branch!Bye!

There are more photos within the album, so click on any photo to bring you to them. Enjoy!

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