Past Yard Visitors


It was only a matter of time that the Turkeys would find our yard, because they usually hang out right up the street at Flat Rock Brook Nature Center. This past summer and into the fall of 2010, a family unit came to the yard every day. At first mom, dad, and the babies came, then sometimes two moms with the babies, and finally a single mom with the babies, who went from a total of four to three. Once the babies were big, they stopped coming. The first album shows them as almost grown, the second album is when Bob saw them the first time and got photos through the window.


Baltimore Oriole

We usually have a pair of orioles each spring, but this was a visitor who arrived on New Year’s Day 2010, much to my surprise! It appeared again three days later, and then once again about two weeks later. I hope it found its way south, because it was a very cold winter. Here are some photos of it on the suet, which it seemed to love. There are two albums.

Happy New Year: Baltimore Oriole in yard on New Year's Day, 2010, around 3 pm.Ariel the Oriole in the yard again on 1/22/10. She finally reappeared after a couple weeks - last seen on 1/4/10.

Rusty Blackbirds

This was another shocker. They also arrived in winter during a massive snowstorm. This album contains photos from two separate sightings. There are also some Monk Parakeet photos in here in between Rusty photos.

New pair of Rusty Blackbirds in yard 2/27/10. These were much browner than yesterday's bird.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

WOW! This new yard bird in the spring of 2009 made me startle the heck out of my husband when I screamed with excitement upon spotting it. What a treat.

Male ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK in the yard - new yard bird - 4/23/09

Pine Siskins

During the winter finch invasion a couple years back, the Pine Siskins were competing with the Goldfinches for thistle during much of the winter. The first album was taken during the Great Backyard Bird Count in February 2009, and the second one was taken in January 2009.

Pine Siskin 2/14/09 for the Great Backyard Bird CountMy first yard Pine Siskins!! Three showed up today 1/18/09

Fox Sparrows

We usually get a random Fox Sparrow or two during any given winter. Here are some photos of Foxy Brown and some friends.

First-of-winter FOX SPARROW in the yard on 1/25/09

Croton the Crow

Croton came to the yard for a little while and then stopped. But we do have small flocks of crows fly over the yard occasionally.

Croton the American Crow

Mary the Groundhog

Mary has been around for the past two years or so. The second year, she gave birth to Baby Jesus the Groundhog, who also lived in the way back of the yard and seemed to go off and make his own burrough near here.

Mary the Groundhog in the yard, May 22, 2009

Rocky Raccoon

What a cutie. Rocky came by the yard one day while it was still light enough to get a few photos.

Rocky in the yard, taken through the window, May 2009

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