Saw-whet Owl life bird, Central Park, 4/1/13

I saw the cutest owl ever today, a Northern Saw-whet Owl, in Central Park. This was one of my most wanted life birds. I had a good spot standing on a bench peering through a gap in the tree about 30 to 35 feet away. I zoomed all the way in, but still these are cropped and maybe just a tad blurry. Click on ANY photo to take you to the full album – more photos than are shown here:

Lifer NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWL, 4/1/13, Central ParkIt has apparently been in Central Park for some months nowHello there

I went to the front of the path to snap a few quick ones, but didn’t want to stay and bother it:


Then I went back to my original spot:

Back in my original spot. A bit blurry because my camera kept wanting to focus on the branches, but not bad...

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