Catbird nest, and new yard babies

Bob and I discovered the location of the Gray Catbird nest in the yard today! Bob noticed one of the birds grab a little twig and saw it fly into a large shrub. I scouted the shrub with my binoculars and finally was able to see the nest well camouflaged. I thought it might be located here because I could hear the bird singing in the morning from around this area, but it was hard to verify (click on each photo to enlarge and for explanatory caption):

Gray Catbird nest - closeup but zoomed in at 18X, so I was approximately 25 feet away from nest. The nest was actually quite deep/long, like a "V" shape.Zoomed out a bit to show perspective in shrubs - notice the red balloon and red string to see where nest is. We discovered where the nest was located when we saw one of the birds take a twig and fly to this shrub.Fully zoomed out. The nest is in top left of large shrub behind our pear treeZoomed all the way back in for another photo

We also have a new baby Robin and a baby Groundhog in the yard:

New baby Robin in the yard! May 31, 2014

New little Baby Jesus the Groundhog, May 31, 2014

Click on each photo above to see photos of and interactions with their parents. More baby photos to come shortly!

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