Injured Black Vulture in yard, and Snowy the albino House Sparrow

This morning when I went out to fill the water bowls with warm water for the birds, I startled a HUGE vulture sitting on the ground in my neighbor’s yard. Thanks to some input and ID help from the JerseyBirds list, it’s confirmed as a BLACK VULTURE. It looks like a big chunk of its tail and/or wing feathers is missing from its rear. I tried to slowly approach to see if it would let me capture it to take it somewhere for help, but it definitely can fly low to the ground for short distances and wouldn’t let me near. Poor thing. Click this to see all 4 photos:

Injured Vulture (young Turkey Vulture?) in yard Dec. 31, 2013

On a lighter note, we have had a partially albino House Sparrow in the yard for a few months now. We named it Snowy and it looks kind of like a Snow Bunting. Click this photo for more pics:

Snowy the albino House Sparrow

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