Bob and I went to Presque Isle and Caribou for my grandma’s 93rd birthday. We were able to do a lot of local birding, where the migration was just starting to get into gear. Bob took all these photos with his new camera. We were fortunate to see 4 Bald Eagles up close, plus a couple while driving up and back. This bird was bringing sticks to its nest over Echo Lake:


This young eagle landed directly over our heads in a huge pine. It checked us out and then flew off, while Bob was able to get these 4 photos. We could hear the beat of the wings as it flew:

OK, this young Bald Eagle landed not 70 feet above us, eyeballed us, then flew. Bob caught this and the following three images - this is NOT cropped!Stunning

IMG_0396.jpgAnd gone...

Here is a cropped photo of picture #1 to see the feather details:

This is a cropped photo of the first picture just to show up close!

And this eagle (full adult) gave us a real treat as it circled the lake, landed in a tree, and posed for a while:

So gorgeous

Bogs are full of life up there. We pulled over and watched the action in one small bog near Aroostook State Park. We saw lots of Yellow-rumped Warblers:

Yellow-rumped Warbler in a bog - stunning plumage

A Greater Yellowlegs and a Solitary Sandpiper:

Greater Yellowlegs in a bog near Echo LakeAn elusive Solitary Sandpiper on the mud in the bog

A Downy Woodpecker possibly feeding young in its nest hole:

Possibly feeding young inside the hole

In Echo Lake, we saw Ring-necked Ducks:

Female is quacking!

And saw Black-capped Chickadees by the shoreline:

Adorable Black-capped ChickadeeHi thereSinging!

Common Ravens were numerous. The croaking calls echoed through the skies on some quiet days:

Common Ravens were numerous

You can click on any of the photos to bring you to the full photo album.

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