Flat Rock Rocks!

Bob and I went up to Flat Rock Brook Nature Center in Englewood on May 6th, and it was extremely exciting to hear a KENTUCKY WARBLER singing away within the dense brush and woods. We waited for about 5 minutes for the bird to come out, but it didn’t, so I ventured in a bit, saw the bird for a split second before it flew, and that was that. It was singing from across the path, but I didn’t continue after it.

Bob’s new camera is great. Here are some photos he took…click on any photo to bring you to the full album:

A Baltimore Oriole made for a wonderful subject:

Baltimore Oriole, 5/6, Flat Rock Brook Nature Center in Englewood, NJ

We saw a pair of Wild Turkeys:

This male Turkey was calling out to his apparent mate, who was on the trail....Mrs. Turkey

A gorgeous female Towhee posed for us:

Female Eastern Towhee

We saw a bathing Black-throated Green Warbler!

Black-throated Green Warbler bathing in the brookBlackThroatedGreen3.jpgBlackThroatedGreen2.jpgBT Green taking off!

A very vocal Great-crested Flycatcher was calling:

Great-crested Flycatcher calling away!

And we saw many other beauties too:

Beautiful American RobinVery tameBlack-and-White WarblerGray Catbird: We are now approaching the runway.Notice the one in the water on the right of the photo.

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