BIG SIT in Cape May 10/9/11

Midnight. I am sleeping, but the hardcore Big Sitters are already at the hawk watch platform at Cape May Point State Park. 7 am. I arrive at the platform and watch the sun rise:


The day begins with many familiar sights and sounds: Yellow-rumps, egrets, ducks. A Meadowlark flies by and we are psyched. A few moments later, a Merlin flies over the lake in mad pursuit of a bird and catches it mid-air…

A very unfortunate Meadowlarks gets caught mid-air by a Merlin

…and we realize it’s another Meadowlark that the Merlin has gotten. The Merlin flies over to the path near the platform and begins to kill and eat the Meadowlark:

And the bathrooms are to your left...

Oh Merlin, why not a Starling?

We have many nice hawks, accipiters, and falcons flying over:

SharpieNorthern Harrier zipping by us closeCooper's Hawk, I thinkAmerican Kestrel

But the star of the day might just be this adult Bald Eagle, who flew directly over us:

One of the stars of the day - adult Bald Eagle flying right over us!!!

Or, the star of the day might have been Monkey:

Monkey begging for some food and some lovin'

Here are some more images from a wonderful day. Click any photo to bring you to the full album, beginning with sunrise and ending with the moon!

Great Blue Heron zooming past the platformFishingMore sitters and standers...And flying off with a fish!Sun setting behind the lighthouseAnd it ended with a gorgeous moon

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