Cape May Redux! Part 2! The Sequel! RETURN OF THE BROWN BOOBY: Old Yellow-foot’s Revenge!

She lurks. She hunts. She flies. She’s STILL THERE. Have you seen her? On September 19th, the Brown Booby disguised herself as a lowly Cormorant:


Who me? Yes you, Brown Booby….we see you. You don’t fool us:

Who you looking' at?!?!

Readying herself for the hunt:


She takes off, terrorizing fish near and far:

Fly, Booby, fly!Awesome close view of the BoobyLove this one tooP1100191

And returns…trying to blend in with the crowd. As if.

And on our return trip to dock, we saw the Brown Booby in the same spot again with the Cormorants

For a full slide show of the Booby and MUCH, MUCH more, start here and watch the entire album…if you DARE:

Going out on The Osprey boat again! There are 3 immature Black-crowned Night Herons here.

Some highlights include:

Wing dryerGreat Blue Heron take-offMore Tree Swallows as we get closer to themNow we are at the Northwood Center of CMBO - with a VERY cooperative Prairie Warbler. Notice the white edges of the tailFantastic Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher - there were two of themAnother closer SanderlingSEABEE! The greatest doggy - at our B&B, Victorian Lace Inn

Click on any photo to enlarge it or go to the full album!

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