Acadia Birding Festival, May 30-June 2, 2013; Maine

We had such a special time at this festival and we met so many wonderful people: birders, trip leaders, and festival organizers alike. You can view our large photo album (all taken by Bob) by starting here at the beginning – just click this photo. Below this photo are special highlights from the trip, which you will see within the album too:

View from our hotel balcony of Frenchman's Bay at the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel, Bar Harbor

Here are some special highlights:

Stunning Blackburnian Warbler - RIGHT ABOVE OUR CAR in the parking lot!"Was it singing?" you ask. Yes, it was

LIFER! This is Bruce Deuce the Spruce GrouseIMG_5588.jpgAmazing Puffin in flightRazorbills. BOOM!...and we saw these stunning beauties up closeAwesome Red-breasted Nuthatch that Marshall called inAwesomely cooperative Alder FlycatcherThen he came in directly over Marshall and posed for a while

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