North Shore Red & White-winged Crossbills, ducks, and more

Yesterday, John, Doug, and I drove down to the North Shore of New Jersey. Although it was extremely cold, the wind was not too bad and we got to see a lot of great birds. We stopped first at Seven Presidents Park, and within minutes, we had both RED and WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS!  Click on photos for all pictures:

White-winged Crossbill male - Seven Presidents Park, NJ, 1/22/11Female WW Crossbill - there were 4 White-winged Crossbills

After that, we continued on to various ponds that still had a bit of open water, and also to various ocean lookouts that produced many goodies like Black and WW Scoters, Long-tailed Ducks, Common Loons, Ring-necked Duck, Lesser Scaup, Purple Sandpiper, Sandering, Great Cormorants, and others, including:

Moving on down the North Shore! Male Hooded Merganser floatin' byNice surprise - Pied-billed Grebe cutie!My new favorite bird - I didn't know the male breeding plumage of the Green-winged Teal was so gorgeous!!!Scootin' Coot

We then headed back for DeKorte Park, where John got Doug and I our lifer ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK (light morph). We saw a Gray Ghost and female Harriers, Red-shouldered and Red-tailed Hawks, and some White-crowned and American Tree Sparrows.

Then to really top it off, I had my second-ever (for the yard) American Tree Sparrow at the nyjer feeder when I got home…the photos are through the window in bad light, but still:

Second-ever yard American Tree Sparrow to top off a great day at the North Shore, 1/22/11P1080955.JPG

It was a great day – thanks RUBL Tours  😉

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